Joan and Günther Wörrlein have created handcrafted, heirloom-quality furniture and architectural woodwork since 1981. Operating The Wörrlein Studio out of Lamy, New Mexico near Santa Fe, the Wörrleins have built their reputation on originality of design, usefulness of purpose and integrity of construction and fine finishes.

Our work graces many fine homes, businesses, and public places throughout New Mexico, the USA, and worldwide.

When a project calls for architectural woodwork, be it in new construction or renovation, The Wörrlein Studio is happy to collaborate with Architects, Interior Designers, Contractors, and other Artisans.

The Wörrleins' varied backgrounds inform their work. Günther grew up in Germany and received his degree in sculpture from The Academy of Fine Arts in Florence, Italy, in 1968. There he also learned woodcarving—still a lively tradition. Joan, raised in Oklahoma, lends American design sensibilities to the team. Their long residence together in the southwest offers a rich cultural mix of influences—New Mexico’s territorial past, Native American imagery, and a European reverence for lasting beauty and superior craft in furniture and architectural styles.

A custom designed and handcrafted furnishing does not exist simply to fill an empty space. The Wörrleins believe that furniture should create or complement the environment into which it is placed. When discussing a new project, the Wörrleins focus not only on what kind of furniture the client needs, but also the space that the new piece will inhabit.

Joan and Günther especially enjoy the challenge of creating furniture pieces from their own imaginations, but also like to bring their clients' ideas to fruition. Often beginning with a range of possibilities, the Wörrlein team is skilled at narrowing the focus in initial designs. Once the design is approved, they work from scale drawings to ensure precision.

Every stage of the process from possibility to product is hands-on. Günther carves like a true sculptor, always striving for a strong sense of three dimensionality in the interplay of concave and convex forms and surface textures. Specially designed hardware that is either forged, laser cut in metal or sculpted in wood is often used. Joan’s finishing layers coat the furniture with protective patinas that add dimension and luminosity to every surface.

The Wörrleins combine hands and heart to produce a functional design statement, an original work of art.

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